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Each year there are large number of vacationers deciding to have their vacation on the island of Bali. Among the vacationers who comes to Bali are the divers from around the world. They choose to have their vacation in Tulamben Bali. Tulamben is one small fishing village in east of Bali. If you are fans of diving you maybe interested to have your vacation in Tulamben and may wondering what kind of fun and excitement awaits for you in Tulamben.

In Tulamben as many others dive destination in the world, you will likely find many beautiful underwater sights and creatures that will peak your interest. If you are looking for something that is exotic and educational all at the same time then maybe you want to consider scuba diving in Tulamben, Bali.

Tulamben has a clear waters, coral reefs, amaxing sea life and also beautiful sites on the wrecked USS Liberty cargo ship which was torpedoed by Japanese and sank at the bottom of Tulamben beach. This is probably the best places in the world to go on scuba diving adventure. Tulamben maybe not well known for its rock filled beach but scuba diving is a popular underwater activity that brings tourists flocking from around the world here.

If you interested to try scuba diving in Tulamben then you don't have to worry as there are many scuba diving lessons for individuals who want to try scuba dive in Tulamben. After several days of lessons you will be able to enjoy the beauty of underwater lies below the water.

Arrange your scuba diving trips to Tulamben beach today. Contact Us! There are a number of scuba diving tours that maybe ideal for your next family vacation or your romantic getaway. You can easily search for diving in Tulamben information on the internet or additional information can be obtain through your local travel agent.



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Tulamben and Amed in east of Bali are the perfect place for having a perfect beach vacation. These are the place to get away from hectic life living in a big city such as the south of Bali. At the beaces you can have so much fun such as swimming, snorkeling, fishing and offcourse diving. Stay around Tulamben beach or Amed beach is not a problem as there are several accommodations available here. Find out more!

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About Tulamben

about tulamben beachTulamben is considered a quite little fishing village but what lies beneath its sea is making this area visited by many divers from around the world. Many divers will occasionally meet the Mola mola sunfish, hammerhead sharks and also whale sharks in the waters off from Tulamben. The underwater biodiversity and with its center of attention, the USS Liberty shipwreck which sank in 1963 torpedoed by the Japanese.

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